Of relaunches, and writers’ block.


I first “launched” easy-webber way back around 2014.  I created my own (terrible) logo, and my own (terrible) website, logged into VistaPrint & ordered a small fortune in branded “merch”.  Mugs, hats, mousemats, pens, car magnets (I think this was my marketing strategy) and business cards.  Oh yes, lots and LOTS of business cards, which are still in the box.  The whole thing makes me cringe.  I’d like to think that I have learned from the experience, however.  I’ve seen other would-be entrepreneurs launch, procrastinate, spend time & money on all the wrong things & then wonder where all the customers are.  I’d actually consider posting more on this subject alone, with the aim of helping aspiring entrepreneurs get started on the right tracks, but that’s for another day.  However, I will say that access to any websites selling branded merch should be either restricted or supervised for the first three months!

In terms of actual work, I did actually design & develop a few websites, in spite of my almost complete lack of marketing.  There was a one for a dog walker, one for a friend’s business in Thailand and another for Phoenix Drilling in my home town of Livingston.  Phoenix are currently shirt sponsors for Livingston FC – I could certainly take a leaf out of their advertising guidebook!

Anyway, life happened.  I had to care for my son who was born not long before easy-webber, and then also his younger brother who arrived in 2017 & all of this meant that the time I could devote to easy-webber decreased & essentially the 

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